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"I have been sitting on 200+ leads for the past month, not calling them! Ugh! As soon as I joined Habit University I was able to take action immediately on them and start driving my business forward like I always knew I needed to."

Nanci Reyes-Gilbert - Real Estate Agent (EXP)

"I've been doing real estate for over 6 years, but after joining the program, I've been able to close way more deals and maintain focus as a result of what I have learned through the program, which has created a huge mindset shift for me. I'm still growing and getting better. This program was the best investment I've ever made was in myself."

Priscilla Roche - Real Estate Agent (Best of Luxury Realty)

“Their habit workshop is exactly what my team needed and what all agents need to learn.”

Oniel Graveran - Broker (Weichert Realtors)

“Every agent needs to understand and apply what the How2Guys are teaching.”

George CancioBello - Broker & CEO (Lifestyle Realty)

“Everything they say is right on…without the right habits and accountability you will not get the results you want. Let them (how2guys) teach you the right habits and hold you accountable to get you to where you want to go.”

Maria Elena Arias - Broker & Regional Director (Homegenius)

“Habit University provides me a system to finally achieve work-life balance.”

Alma Betancourt - Business Development Broker Director (Horizon Real Estate)

"This is the program that built the habits I needed to be the Top Producing Agent (units and GCI) in my first year.”

Steven Mas - Real Estate Agent (Weichert Realtors)

“This program has been amazing for me. Recognizing the bad habits I had and being able to create new habits has been a super significant change in my real estate career. I keep learning in each class. Thank you guys for all this wonderful knowledge. I am super focused on reaching my goals.”

Karla Perez - Real Estate Agent (Interinvestments Realty)

“Lollipops, bicycles or real estate. Whatever you sell, foundation and consistency matter most...and the How2Guys will help you with EXACTLY that!”

David Kurz - CEO/Enterprise Coach (Kurz Team @EXP)

"Their system has made a huge change in my daily work habit. I find myself more motivated to start my day prospecting. I never thought I would be saying that, thanks guys!”

Trevor A Scott - Broker (Premier Agent)

"I gladly paid the penalty, because it reminded me that I was not making prospecting a priority...and in 3 weeks in the program, I got 3 listings!

Not even my Tom Ferry coach has been able to get me to prospect like this. Habit University was my missing piece!

Denise Watkins - Real Estate Agent (Samson Properties)


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